Rolling…rolling…rolling…balls that is…rolling them down a wire helix…watching them and getting mesmerized by the rolling sound…all while having one hand tied behind their back. A physical challenge this is not, but certainly a mental one to keep focused.

triple helix

triple helix 2

With 4 balls going KW let a ball drop to the ground – no chance at immunity…and she needed this immunity to win the game. (Interesting because in the practice round that we didn’t see, she was more relaxed and nailed the challenge!)

Tasha is the next to drop – but hey…she wasn’t going to win anything anyhow…not the challenge and not the game.

multiple balls

Spencer and Jeremy are left and ready to add the 5th ball.

Soon after the 5th ball was added, Spencer let a ball drop to the ground and Jeremy wins the final immunity…the one he needed to win… to win the game. He squats down and is totally overcome by emotion – I think he knows he has won at this point in time, and all the emotion he has been stifling the whole game rises to the top and boils over.


jeremy tears

KW is also very emotional in talking to Jeff after the challenge…she knew she had to win because the other three are tight leaving her as the odd person out…and she stated the truth through her tears in saying it was hers to win and she fell short.



In his TH, Jeremy says now he needs to decide who to take and who to vote off, He says HE needs to win so he needs to choose carefully…well we all know he won’t take KW, so whatever is said here at camp or in the final Tribal Council won’t make any difference in his choice…he knows KW has a lot of jury votes she can count on…and he knows Tasha has zero chance of winning…KW will be going home and the final three will be Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha.

Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer high fiving when KW took a walk by herself…

Spencer attempting to find out who KW is voting for because he feels he has a shot at winning and told her so.

KW trying to get in Jeremy’s head about Spencer being a threat. Jeremy and KW talking and he is still thinking of splitting the vote (why does he do this?????) and asked KW would she be willing to go to fire…she says yes. (Going to fire, as we all know is forcing a tie where the two challengers compete to see who can build a fire first that reaches a string set quite a way above the fire. The winner of the fire challenge is safe, and the loser goes home.)

Interesting that Jeremy thinks KW is an underdog, and needs to decide between Spencer and KW…lip service to me because I think this decision has been made long before now.



Discussion about a million dollar decision of who to sit next to in the Final 3

KW announces she is voting for Spencer because she feels he is a good speaker and plans things out and no doubt already has his speech prepared for the jury (which we don’t get to see this year), and generally building Spencer up to be a bigger threat than herself to Jeremy’s game.

Spencer retaliates with making KW look like the bigger threat. He brings up if she stays instead of himself, then he will campaign 100% to ensure a win for KW.

Spencer really attacking about him staying and KW leaving.


Spencer     1

KW           1 1 1


TTHS KW…you played a brilliant game! Sad to see you go.




The three amigos are all happy they are there and have the traditional breakfast the next morning offered to all final 3’s every season.



Must have been due to time constraints, but we didn’t get to hear the final pleading speeches to the jury…just the questions from the jury to the final 3…only one of which was EPIC, and that came from Wiggles who merely asked them the same question Greg asked her in season…to pick a number between 1 and 10. That took me all the way back to Season 1 of Survivor…when they too said their minds were open and would allow the answers to decide their vote…A TOTAL LIE from both seasons, and by asking the question, Wiggles as much as told us that by asking what she did.

You don’t get a 10-0 sweep from the questions asked in season 31, regardless of how they made them sound. Here is how it went down:
It was finally the Jury’s turn to ask questions and this time their vote was for who they thought should win the game … Jeremy, Spencer or Tasha.
Savage: He asks for the trio to give full, truthful and heartfelt answers, as many of the jury members haven’t made their decision yet. Savage focused on Spencer and Jeremy’s arrogance and questioned them on specific actions.
Fishbach: Jeremy you brought trust, honor and integrity into a season that it didn’t exist. Fish focuses his question on Tasha possibly being the person doing the dirty work for Jeremy. He pressed Spencer on voting blocks.
Ciera: Flippers rarely make it to the end she tells, and questions why this season should flipping be rewarded.
Keith: Keith shares that where he’s from it’s just natural to be humble. He pits Spencer against Jeremy by having them explain why the other deserves to win a million dollars.
Abi-Maria: What was your subtle move that got you to the place where you’re at. Tasha credits realigning with Spencer. Spencer credits the distrust shift he made from Joe to Spencer. Jeremy credits his move as being that of finding the idols.
Kimmi: She outs Spencer as being a downright bully at the last Tribal Council and says she will use him as an example for her children.
Joe: He targets Sasha and probes for more details on her game plan.
Kelley: She reminds the trio that she was in the same seat they were in 15 years ago and it all came down to just one question, and she uses the same: Pick a number between 1 and 10.
Cass: She’s still ticked about Spencer from their season. Chaos Cass thinks he borrowed cues from her.
Wentworth: Leave it to Wentworth to deliver the game-winning question. She simply asks what was your second chance story about? Tasha tells it was about building and maintaining relationships. Spencer says it was changing who he was when he first played and who he is now. And then it comes to Jeremy.  “I’m here for Val,” he says through tears. “Everything I’m doing is for them. My second chance is all about them.” It’s all about family for Jeremy, and that everyone can relate to. He played a classy game and truly deserved the win. When it came time to vote he won over the entire jury, proving that good guys can finish first.”


I still believe the decision was made at Ponderosa and had little to do with anything said or done at Tribal Council.

Again…Congratulations to JEREMY COLLINS for winning SURVIVOR 31!!!!!


Ciao for this season…thanks for reading!





7 THINGS YOU DIDN’T SEE ON TV FINALE NIGHT (not to be confused with the 7 words George Carlin says cannot be said on TV)





It is hard to do a recap of a finale if you are not staying up late and getting the information out the very next day after the finale happens…so this recap blog will not be like the rest…we all know the winner was JEREMY COLLINS, the firefighter with a pregnant wife who is carrying his first son, and I have no problem at all with Jeremy winning, he played hard and played an excellent game…kudos to him! I wasn’t sure how “Val pregnant with his first son” would work for him…it could as easily have backfired on him if the jury decided he was using it just to garner sympathy in the finale alone. I think the fact that he remained steady throughout the season that he was playing strictly for his family was a strong enough glue for the jury to make his quest for victory cohesive…and allow him the sweep 10-0 vote.

But let’s look at the Final Four :


I know some people thought she should win, but she wasn’t spectacular in any way and her water challenge when she had to be rescued I think played into why she didn’t even receive any votes. That rescue sealed the fact that no one would award her a title of Sole Survivor. Maybe she might have won had she been sitting next to Kimmi, Keith or Abi, but I think that is the only way…she had no jury votes except maybe Savage or KW1 and neither of them even gave her a sympathy vote.


Not unlike KW, Spencer was on the bottom scrambling to be safe most of the game, and he was a challenge beast, yet not voted out either time he didn’t have the immunity necklace in the last few episodes. I was a bit surprised that he didn’t receive any votes to win even if only a token one, and that Jeremy made a clean 10-0 sweep of the jury votes. I am not sure how the jury decided to unify after splitting votes all season long right up until the next to the last tribal council. Had Spencer been able to/or rallied to remove Jeremy prior to the final 3 – Spencer would have won, as it was his game to lose.


Had she made final three, I think she would have won because I don’t think she would have taken Jeremy, she was a beast at challenges, and she all but had the jury locked up for votes. She was strategic when she needed to be in securing idols and knowing when to play them to secure her safety and she knew when to go along and when to make a move.


He played a really good game, had two idols and won the most important immunity challenge and was rewarded with winning the million dollars and the title of sole survivor….BECAUSE…..had he not won immunity…even he knew no one would take him to the final three – he had to get himself there and by doing that he ensured his own victory. Spencer, or Kelley, never would have taken him willingly.



In the overall internet culture, here is how the experts laid it all on the line: Terry Dietz (early exit because of sick son) was #4 to win, Joe (Manbun) Anglin was #3 to win, Jeremy Collins was #2 to win, and Kelley Wentworth (KW) was picked number #1 to win this season, and she was the last tribe member to go to the jury after a spectacular run, winning challenges, and playing two strategic idols to save herself.



The last three challenges were brutal ~ as they should be.


This was a race to collect boards and place them as steps on a huge and steep staircase where there will be a puzzle to be solved (of course) at the top. Each step needs a board with 4 different sized holes cut into it in a specific order/pattern. This was a daunting challenge in the Cambodian heat.

 STEPS 1.jpg




(From talk at camp):

Tasha wants Spencer and KW gone

Kimmi wants to blindside Jeremy

Tasha talking to Spencer saying split between Keith and KW

Still talking about splitting the vote

Walking into tribal, KW not planning on having to play her idol, and when the jury comes in ABI gives everyone the YOU ARE DEAD TO ME look…LOL.

Spencer talking about going to rocks if necessary (like taking it to the mattresses in the Godfather)


KW     1 1 1

Jer     1 1 1

KW PLAYS IDOL…JEREMY PLAYS IDOL – unprecedented – never happened in Survivor in 31 seasons…all votes cancelled



Tasha     1 1 1

Kimmi     1 1 1

NOW Spencer, KW, Jeremy are all safe ~ can only vote for Keith, Kimmi, Tasha

Deadlocked again…discussion ensues and Keith almost volunteers to save Kimmi and go himself… AND THEN DECIDES TO STAY…

KIMMI VOTED OUT – 8th jury member




The next immunity challenge is a giant obstacle course…there are 6 stations and 5 people playing, so no one should have to wait…after they get their bag of puzzle pieces from one of the stations, there is an obstacle path they must take when taking the bag back to their platform, and no two are alike…and although Spencer was ahead there for awhile…KW prevails and wins individual immunity…great job!

 obstacle 1

 obstacle 2

obstacle immunity

Back at camp… she has been saving twine, beads and all sorts of things for 39 days, and makes Keith a truly EPIC FAKE immunity idol…in an effort to flush any other idols that may be out there at tribal that night…, and to hopefully alert other players to vote for Spencer or Jeremy…might have worked had Keith done what she wanted him to…but alas…Mr. nice guy/no strategy didn’t wear it around his neck or talk up the fact that he might have one, and he didn’t strut around saying he knew he wasn’t going home…so tribal will be predictable…


 KW didn’t coach him well enough and Keith didn’t step up and now he is voted out

KEITH         1 1 1

SPENCER     1 1

TTHS Keith – 9th member of the jury




The last immunity challenge and final tribal council and all the interviews complete with a particularly nasty one with Abi, who 5 months after she was voted off is still angry and said Tasha should have drowned in the water challenge…say what????????? Miss ABI needs help – of the professional variety!


Ciao for now…thanks for reading!

SEASON 31 – EP 13 – “Villains Have More Fun”

SEASON 31 – EP 13 – “Villains Have More Fun”



  • I get that she thinks she was running the game, but that isn’t true.
  • I get that she never owns her actions, and that IS true!
  • There finally came a time when stringing her along because you know you can beat her in the final became a liability instead of an asset because ABI THE VOLCANO COULD ERUPT – THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN!

Pre-season, when asked how she would play her second chance differently, she said…

My last time on Survivor, I allowed the environment and circumstances to control my emotions and dictate my actions. This time around, I want to keep my emotions in check and allow strategy to drive my game. There is nothing wrong with being feisty in certain situations, and being a caring team player in other situations. Ultimately, I want to be more calculated in terms of my relationships, alliances, and most importantly, the way I treat my fellow competitors.”

Ok…I need to get to the rest of the episode because after typing that Abi stuff…I threw up a little in my mouth…because she never did any of the stuff she said she would…except be a beotch!

ABI 2.0 was just like ABI 1.0, inclusive of no enhancements, no upgrades, a slow operating system, obviously prone to malware and erratic behavior. (Everyone knows not to invest in the .0 version…always wait for the 2.1 where the bugs are out)

 My favorite line of the episode was in one of her TH sessions where she said SHE HAD NOT YET DECIDED who SHE would take to the end! That was decided for her when she took her delusions of grandeur to Ponderosa…just sayin’.


The episode starts with some talk at camp after the last tribal council, and of course Abi cheered that Joe was gone and said no one had any sympathy for him…a statement like that just shows everyone how out of touch Abi was with reality…even in the final vote, she agreed to vote Tasha and voted Keith…say what???

Others who did feel empathy for what happened to Joe, did have a discussion about “since he was gone” they would have a better shot at immunity, and that isn’t mean, it is just a true statement!



For this challenge, the tribe members were tethered separately to a rope and a maze in which they had to untangle themselves from the maze and collect the length of rope as they went along…when they felt they had enough, they had to place bars across a structure and make a bridge which they had to cross and then take sandbags to knock blocks completely off a stand. Now, if your rope wasn’t long enough to recover your sandbags from the ground past the blocks, you had to go back to the beginning and gather more length of the rope. This was Keith’s challenge in his previous season and he was so far ahead of anyone else, he easily won the challenge.




The reward for winning this challenge was to go back to the temples we saw in the first episode and have a feast and spend the night in the temples and then show up back at camp for the next immunity challenge. Keith was to select 2 people to go with him and he chose Spencer and KW…and even he could not coherently explain his choices when asked by Jeff, but hey, his mind escaped him or he was winging it, I am not exactly sure since Keith is not the most “eloquent with speech” anyhow. The cultural experience of revisiting the temples was probably one of the most meaningful rewards I have seen in all 31 seasons. Awaiting them was a carb overload feast of pasta in several forms, bread, and tasty desserts. While eating…the three formed a ‘final three’ pact/alliance/voting bloc…whatevah!!!!!


Back at camp Abi called Keith the next ‘Golden Boy’ for winning the challenge and now wants him out…figures…She talked about how people want to take her to the final (not realizing it is because she is a poopyhead and it isn’t because of her strategic game play it is simply because they know they could beat her). She speaks of the all-girl alliance.

Tasha asks Abi if she would be ok if she spoke to Jeremy in private…she replied if they included her in the conversation it would be better, but sure they could talk and after finishing the rice that was cooking Abi took a hike walk on the beach.



 Typically water challenges sap the energy of everyone participating, and this one was no different. They had to run across obstacles in the water and swim to a buoy that had a key attached to it, grab the key and then swim back and navigate the obstacles again, get to the beach, open a box of puzzle pieces and complete a 5 piece puzzle to win immunity. Everyone was pretty lackluster with the exception of Jeremy and Spencer…they were a couple of slips and falls off the obstacles, and Spencer took a pretty big hot to the face on the platform, but still forged through to get to the beach. Jeremy arrived at the beach first and unlocked his puzzle pieces but wasn’t having any luck solving the puzzle, whereas Spencer hit the beach, unlocked the box, and in the blink of an eye, assembled the 5 piece puzzle to win immunity – cannot be voted off at tribal.



While all this is going on, Tasha is still struggling at the buoy, exhausted, legs not working, taking in water and called for help by calling out SAFETY, MEDICAL and then Jeff boarded a dingy and headed out as well. SAFETY is comprised of divers that are ALWAYS just out of camera range in water challenges, and reached Tasha and got her up on the platform. Dr. Joe calmed her down and made her realize she was ok, and she had just panicked thereby taking in more water. (See Jeff Probst Q&Q at the end of this blog for more info on what all happened with Tasha).





Conversations of who to vote for, comforting of Tasha, and Spencer reveling in immunity…he is one step closer.



Kind of a “we” tribal council. Most everyone agreed that “we” knew how the vote was going to go and there were deals all around that “we” were involved in, and to me it was one confusing mishmash of conversation. The only ‘given’ was that Spencer was NOT going home!

SURVIVOR  TTHS and Abi became the 7th member of the jury.



I feel so bad for the jury and the other people at Ponderosa…I think Kass will be her only ally. Fortunately they won’t have to coexist very long there since we are so close to the end of the game.


I am hopeful the weak will now continue to fall with Abi leading the way, and in true Survivor fashion we will have 3 strong players in the finale.



  • We still have two idols in play – could force a tie in voting, or not?
  • Kimmi is still floating through the game, will she be next?
  • There will be 3 shots at immunity and 3voted off
  • There will be 4 tribal councils, then a final vote and the reunion show where someone will win 1 million Dollars and the title of Sole Survivor


Ciao for now…thanks for reading.




Jeff Probst Q&A

Dalton Ross Blog

 Joe on what you didn’t see when he passed out at the challenge


 Survivor second chance tribe mates thank the voters






This week’s started out with chatting around camp…Spencer and Jeremy – doing a little damage control on their alliance, and then we switch to the women…and ‘who’d-a-thunk-it-Kimmi’ charges right into the conversation about STARTING a women’s alliance…interesting to me because in an earlier episode, she made sure Monica went home for suggesting the very same thing, and she only suggested it in passing…sup wit dat? Good for the goose apparently but not the gander…. just let that bubble on your back burner for awhile, ok? How trustful is Kimmi?



During the loved ones showing up…Jeremy’s wife Val, told him she is having a boy (since she found out the sex of the baby after he left for Survivor)…Spencer told his girlfriend he loved her for the first time, KIMMI is capable of running in sand screaming DADDYDDADDYDADDYDADDY at the top of her lungs….those were the most memorable…

jeremy boy

spencer i love you


This is a challenge of digging up bags of puzzle pieces, spinning around a post to remove the bar you are unscrewing to make accessible another bag while running in circles, and then walking across a balance beam while still being dizzy and carrying all the previous bags of pieces, stopping and balancing on the beam while untying yet another bag, then taking all the other bags to the table where there is a slender post which will hold the letters on the blocks of a word they must unscramble to win the reward challenge…once they actually figure out the word, which no one except KW managed to accomplish. She was so far ahead of everyone else they might as well have just had a seat on the bench, and sat there clapping as she finished! The word was NOURISHMENT.

Honorable mention goes to Abi and her mom (who appears to be as Grinchy as Abi and who also maintains a sourpuss look all the time)…and I am not so sure that is a good thing…maybe it is their ‘bitchy resting faces’…LOL…at the end after Kelly won, Abi says she was spelling REDEMPTION …however, she had no “D”, no “P”, no “M” and would have had an extra letter left over because nourishment has 11 and redemption has 10, but what the hay, right…LOL? Rah Rah Ree – Kickum in the Knee…Rah Rah Rass…kickum in the …other knee! She’s so smart!!!

The reward was a BBQ with their loved one…and then she could pick one more to go with them, and then another, and then another…and even if you are lousy at math, that is 5 HAVES (plus 5 family members) and 3 HAVE NOTS (where the family members had to leave the camp). Left out were Tasha, Spencer and Jeremy – who took the opportunity to make a final three alliance…so there…take that you food grubbing BBQ eaters!



And by this I mean one woman and one man will be safe from the vote at tribal council that night after the challenge is over. Nice little perk since there is an even amount of women vs men left on the island…now onto the challenge.

This one is where there are many sections of poles and atop the first one is a disc and perched on the disc is a statue. Jeff will count them into the challenge and every 5 minutes or so after that they will need to transition by adding another piece of pole to the bottom and sliding their hands down to the bottom and hold it by the bottom of the new piece of pole. For awhile this is ok, but it doesn’t take many pieces added to make this pole start to sway and bend and become very difficult to keep the statue balanced / level.

statue drop.jpg

Sad that Fishbach wasn’t here to drop his statue as Jeff was counting them into the beginning of the challenge, but it didn’t take too long before the poles started swaying and the statues started dropping…matter of fact since they were wooden statues, I was worried about one falling on someone’s head and hurting them.

One hour and 20 minutes into the challenge, there were two remaining men vying for the necklace…Keith and Joe. Kimmi, Abi, and Tasha had all dropped their statues, leaving KW as the women’s immunity winner…safe at tribal – unable to be voted out.

Again…in the blistering heat and sun, one hour and 20 minutes later…all out of pieces of pole to be added stood 2 men each holding a 16 foot pole balancing a statue…until there was one…JOE PASSED OUT. Medical said after giving him glucose, he had used up every reserve in his body until there was no left to sustain him and down he went – MEDICAL rushed in, Jeff rushed over, tribe members gasped except ABI WHO LAUGHED AND CHEERED, and Joe missed it all because he was out cold! KEITH wins immunity for the men, safe from the tribal council vote.

joe passes out

It was a few minutes before Joe was coherent enough to even know what happened to him…and as he sadly walked back to camp…he knew his cards had already been played by not winning that challenge.


Tasha makes a calculated move…she is tight with Jeremy and Spencer and yet she told them the girls were talking about voting in an all girl’s alliance. Appears she is covering all her bases in case someone else were to mention the alliance, it wouldn’t look like she was hiding anything from them…she is certainly playing both sides.

The men should have solidified and all voted for ABI and maybe they could have had a fire-building challenge or drawn rocks or something in the event of a tie, and ABI might be gone now instead of Joe…in any event…I am sad to see such a strong player and lover of the game have to leave while the likes of Kimmi and Abi are still floating through the game.



Lots of talk about who feels vulnerable and why, voting blocs, blindsides, alliances, and loyalty…but Joe’s fate was sealed the moment he hit the ground in the challenge, and even the jury was elated they didn’t see the necklace around Joe’s neck.

Tribal council played that out as true and JOE was voted out, darn it!!! I was really rooting for him, but the girl’s alliance gave him all 4 votes, whereas the men split their votes for Abi and Tasha…and yes the PIA ABI is still there AND SHE GOT TO EAT…AGAIN!!! Can anyone ever get her out? Do they want to? At tribal it was blatantly pointed out that people wanted to take her to the end because they KNEW THEY WOULD WIN SITTING NEXT TO HER…and I swear on my puppy’s life…Abi believes she is PLAYING the game and BELIEVES she can win.

I was most disappointed that production editing played into her hands and showed her calling JOE ‘mouldy’ and in production filming her calling Fishbach ‘poopy pants’ three times in the last episode, and her clapping as Joe passed out (meaning to her she could finally vote him out). When voting, she specifically said…“You’re moldy…You gotta go… And please get a haircut… You look like a clown.”

I can’t think of one person on this tribe, inclusive of the jury, who would walk across the street to speak to Abi in real-life…as it should be…she is just not a nice person…she has no clue what ‘second chance’ means, she is playing the same despicable game she did in the past…and that comes from within…it is who she is.



Joe got 4 votes and the others split between Abi and Tasha, and this episode ends a great player gets voted out as Joe becomes the 6th member of the jury.












Welcome back to the second half of the double episode. After Tribal Council, everyone is kidding Jeremy about being sneaky in having/playing an idol, but they are being lighthearted about it…Jeremy goes off talking to Fish, and then Spencer. At the end of the conversation, Spencer decides he has no need for the bridge Jeremy is trying to sell…and we begin Episode 11.



Everyone loves the new shelter and there is even room to sit around the fire under the newly constructed cover. A lot of chatting going on now that they are warm and dry and the social game can once again resume…



This is the folklore challenge and we haven’t seen this in a lot of seasons, and even more interesting…it is played at night, in the forest, only lit by torches. Jeff tells a story about the island history and inhabitants. With what little portions of their brain that remain after inclement weather, no food and very little sleep…the remaining members of the tribe try and remember all the details, so when they run into the forest and see a challenge question, they will know which pot to take their symbol from…the one representing the correct answer to the question…so they can run back and hang their little symbol on the little tree that will ultimately hold 5 symbols to win reward. Hidden in one of the pots wrapped up in the symbol will be an idol clue.



Wanna know what they are playing for? A trip to another island, lots of meat protein to eat, and locals performing circus acts…

Blah blah blah and Fishback wins about 2 seconds ahead of Spencer, but here’s the rub…he gets to choose someone to go with him…he picks TASHA (say what???? Not Jeremy who saved your scrawny a$$ at tribal so you are even around to play this challenge?????) BAD CHOICE…then he finds he can invite one more person and chooses Jeremy…sorry dude, sloppy seconds is all you get! Winning the food rewards where people are chosen are not easy situations to handle…almost better if you don’t win to avoid hurt feelings.

KW finds idol clue on game piece during reward challenge

idol clue.jpg

KW back at camp reads her idol clue only to find out it is right under where she was sitting tied to the bottom of the shelter…yet everyone is around and she knows she needs to let everyone wander away before she can grab it…looks like when they built the new section of the shelter, and Jeremy had used his at Tribal, the construction guys hid another one…

Finally while the winners were on their reward retreat, others went fishing and some went crabbing, and Abi even wandered away for a few minutes…just enough time for KW to crawl under the bottom of the shelter and grab the idol…SO…Jeremy 1 left, and KW has her second one…and the game moves forward…




One of the toughest challenges baring the endurance ones…having to stack blocks with their feet and then grab this slim flag and place it in a hole in the center…let’s face it…feet aren’t dexterous. ..hands are because we have opposable thumbs…feet…not so much…besides they are all calloused and filthy, and it just isn’t right…so I was glad when this challenge was over because it was painstakingly uncomfortable to watch.

RUT RO…Joe did NOT win immunity and for the first time all season, is NOT safe from the vote tonight.

Spencer WON by a half a second or something like that.




Not only did Fish tell the people on his reward challenge trip about what the advantage really was, but he even told one person back at camp, in close proximity to the time they all left to go to tribal council…not a good move on his part…he told Spencer!

More talk about voting blocks (it was like Ciera was still there, LOL), trust, taking people on challenges, and maybe even a conversation about the Dalai Lama and Santa Claus, not sure, I zoned out a bit during all this…

Getting time to vote, and Fish giddily announces to Jeff that he is going to use his advantage…he has selected JOE to not be able to vote and then announces that he would vote AS Joe, voting FOR Joe… for his extra vote for the evening… The people he hadn’t told about the advantage looked shocked, and the people he did tell hopefully saw the handwriting on the wall…they are saying they are going to split the vote between Abi and Joe…but now…ABI IS ON THE WARPATH…NOT LISTENING…GETTING EVERYONE UPSET ABOUT HOW SHE IS GOING TO VOTE…

Then the dummy FISH while playing his advantage, split his own vote between ABI and JOE…Say What?????


ABI      3

JOE    2

FISH     4


SURVIVOR   TTHS – Fishbach voted out and is the 5th member of the jury

fish snuff


NEXT WEEK – MEDICAL EMERGENCY…will there be a medical evacuation from the game for someone?


Ciao for now…thanks for reading


 Q&A with Jeff Probst




OK guys and gals…double episode( Ep 10 and Ep 11), 2 tribal councils, a lot happened in these episodes, and for the life of me I am not sure the best way to recap them…am thinking bullets might be best since they were flying all the time anyhow…

After last tribal, Jeremy is talking about the vote against KW to get her out, and explained to Tasha shy he did what he did (switching votes). Tasha played it very cool and didn’t get upset with him and just rolled with the punches – the absolute best thing to do!!!

  • The weather was horrible. Torrential rains and all tribe members were wet and cold and huddled in the shelter…where NO strategy could possible take place.


This was the challenge where Jeff throws the ball in the middle of the water and both teams rush to control the ball and make a basket while attacking the other team members to keep control of the ball. The water is almost knee deep, so throwing someone down in the water and the mud to keep them from gaining control of the ball is going to happen every time Jeff put the ball into play.



  • Schoolyard pick of teams PURPLE: Abi, Ciera, Joe, Spencer, Tasha…GREEN: Jeremy, Kimmi, KW, Fishbach, Keith
  • It got really physical, although no one pulled the bathing suit off another player this year.
  • Jeremy scored the first point for GREEN, and after that Joe, Spencer, and Tasha scored three in a row for PURPLE who won the challenge which was to go to a dry shelter have plenty of food blankets, and see a local circus…only bad part is Abi got to eat!
  • Ciera ran the conversation while eating to get Fishbach out because of the Advantage he had, even though no one knew what the advantage was.
  • Back at camp, the losing 5 all want Joe gone…and…Fishbach thinks he is in charge (so what’s new, eh?)
  • Fish gets into a shivering and crying meltdown wondering if he can go on because his body is breaking down and his feet are swollen and he has the Rocky Mountain Quick Step (to put it nicely!) He keeps repeating “there is no way I am quitting”.



The challenge opens with Jeff telling all tribe members to take both a white stone and a black stone from the container he is offering…and they do.

  • If 5 people give up their chance at this immunity challenge by showing a white rock in their hand when asked…the construction people will add to the shelter they have at camp by waterproofing it, and extending it further out so they can have their fire under the cover, and with the weather the way it has been – THIS IS HUGE…but…it is a tough decision – they came here to play a game, and giving up a chance at immunity is JUST AS HUGE.
  • When Jeff says reveal the stones…8 people chose to improve the shelter, and the two remaining people chose to play the immunity challenge and they were JOE and KEITH. Makes sense that Joe would – for fear they would vote him out, and Keith said – he came to play the game, so he won’t sit out an immunity challenge.
  • Everyone is rooting for Joe to lose this challenge…standing on a small block and having to reach over their head holding a ball against a post with another object …so there is no flat surface contact to keep that ball in place…a very taxing challenge, however Keith can’t keep his ball from moving and JOE WINS IMMUNITY!!!!!




  • Everyone amazed at the shelter additions, it is extended, the fire is under cover, there is no water dripping in because the roof has been waterproofed by a huge tarp, and there is food waiting for them.
  • Fish talking about voting Ciera out (since Joe won immunity)
  • Tasha talking to Spencer and wondering why they don’t go after Ciera
  • Spencer and Jeremy arguing about Ciera vs Fish to be voted out



  • Jeff gets them talking about the voting stones and who chose what and why…
  • Some were trying to be self sacrificing for the good of the tribe…duh…the game is SURVIVOR…not IF I AM NICE YOU WILL LIKE ME BETTER…
  • Next they discuss the voting blocks (I wish I had never heard that term…it is alliances people…plain and simple…it has always been an alliance and not a voting block because emotions and trust are also involved)
  • The question comes up did the people voting to improve the shelter make a MILLION $$$$$ MISTAKE?????
  • Jeremy uses his idol on Fishback (WTH?????) because he says it comes down to who he can trust the most…is this gonna backfire?

fish WTH


Fish     5 (votes DO NOT count)

Ciera   3

Kimmi   2



TTHS and Ciera is the 4th member of the jury

ciera snuff



Fishbach is gushing all over Jeremy for saving him – (I threw up a little in my mouth.)

Jeremy tries to convince Spencer he would have done the same thing for him…Spencer isn’t buying what Jeremy is selling.

CIAO for now…thanks for reading




Life At Ponderosa




A part of the SURVIVOR show they seldom show anymore is the arrival of the newly ousted tribe members arriving at Ponderosa…the camp at which they are held until the show is over…I always wished they would show more of this and less of some of the other things…

They do the weigh ins, see how much weight they have lost, watch them select their first meal and eat it since most of them are starving, and see the interactions of the most recent player with the jury members ousted before them. There is sometimes anger that needs to be worked through, and anger that sometimes stays prevalent throughout the stay. Sometimes they are welcomed with open arms and sometimes they are snubbed.

Interesting to see what they all have to say about the tribal council where they were voted out, about the game play of others and the secrets revealed from one player to the next.

I thought I would put this up while I am writing the double episode from this past week which is somewhat delayed since Turkey Day interrupted my normal flow of writing…enjoy!















Survivor ~ Second Chance ~ S31 EP9 ~ Witches Coven




Well WHO’D A THUNK IT! Fishbach actually reacted in a nanosecond after an opportunity was presented and WON SOMETHING! He won a ‘Steal-a-Vote’ advantage in the game. I would have lost all my clothes betting on that one, and that usually happens only after too much tequila…LOL…I am sure he now wants to be placed in the Survivor HALL OF FAME!

In the interest of brevity to get this blog done, I am just going to hit the high spots this week, and in the words of Jeff Probst…”Let’s get to it…”



As obstacle courses go…this was a really good one…you see a lot of mud and water (rainy season there) and what appears to be stacks of wooden poles lying around. All of these needed to be placed according to height and used as a stairway to reach the top level of the course and then everyone has to slide down the other side . Then one person navigates a key on a ring through a maze of ropes, get to the end, free the key, have it open a chest, take the puzzle pieces and assemble them correctly to reveal three sets of numbers which you must enter as a combination to open the lock and pull out a stick freeing and raising your flag. Teams were selected and that was the last you saw of one of the teams until the challenge was over, they never even finished freeing the key, much less the remainder of the challenge…one of the biggest blowout wins ever in a survivor team challenge.

purple steps

purple slide

green steps

The reward was a Survivor Spa day where there was not only a plentiful amount of food, but the winners all got to take a shower and wash their hair, get a massage (and if you are Joe, parade around in a towel). Of course strategy had its place along with the food fest, where Ciera was being very vocal about Jeremy and his place in the game…which is never winning so why would people try sticking with him she poses?



I really liked this challenge because it is for sure you playing against yourself first, and then against everyone else…there is a wooden triangle floating in the water and you must balance straddling it as the water moves and the elements work against you being able to balance and stay out of the water. After round one you must reset yourself one lever higher on the top of this triangle and round 3 finds you balancing  on one foot…which is pretty much the last straw for anyone staying afloat.

Let me say here that women are inherently better at balancing than men, they seem to have a strong body core and for some reason (better at concentrating maybe) are able to balance better than men, and it might simply be because of size…being 5 feet trying to balance against a person who is 6 feet…the lower center of gravity person should always win…ah…but I said “should”…until you start hot dogging it…then you are going to do down!!!


When I say concentration I mean DO NOT BREAK IT…which is exactly what Jeff Probst did by offering an advantage 8 minutes into the challenge…it broke everyone’s concentration, but as they were balancing away, Jeff popped up some buoys and said the first person to reach/touch their buoy would receive a huge advantage in the game…In a NANOSECOND Fishbach jumped (from the platform he was probably about to fall from anyway) and dove in the water headed for a buoy…following a half a NANOSECOND later by Spencer diving in to swim to his buoy…the underdog made it to his buoy first and FISH WINS THE ADVANTAGE (more after the challenge about his reward).


fish wins



This one is easy peasy…everyone survived until the buoys popped up when Spencer and Fish dropped for the race to the advantage. After that they moved to round 2 which meant they moved to the top of the triangle. Then they all dropped one by one…KW, Jeremy, Ciera, Kimmi, Tasha, until we are down to the final 2, which are Abi and Joe…remember what I said about women balancing better? The elements like rain and wind affect the stability of a little triangle floating in the water…just when it looked like Abi was hot dogging it on one foot and holding her other foot with her hand with perfect balance…her platform became unstable in the water and they were both starting to wobble and it looked like Joe was done…but Joe recovered momentarily and the shorter person hit the water first… Abi splashes down and JOE WINS IMMUNITY FOR THE 3rd TIME IN A ROW!

abi down

Joe gets the immunity necklace, Fishbach gets his advantage to read in private and they all head back to camp to no doubt decide on who goes home.

joe wins


Fish reads his advantage while secluded from the rest of the tribe. He finds it to be a vote advantage (Dan had a similar one in a previous season) but this time…fish gets a second vote AND can cancel another tribe members vote BOTH! This is a huge advantage on a close vote at TC…but will Fish know the right time to play it? That will remain to be seen. Needless to say Fish thinks it is a tremendous advantage if he doesn’t screw it up…So say Fish…so say we all…LOL!!!!!


Most everyone at camp calls KW1, Ciera, and KW a Witches Coven…so it isn’t hard to imagine that one of these three will go home. Now, are they going to be mad that KW didn’t go last week, and target her again, or are they going to be mad that KW1 is close to Joe and since they can’t get him, go for his closest ally?

  • Kimmi talking about splitting the vote amongst the witches. Tasha wants KW out…
  • KW talking about KW1 and Fish says he can get another vote to support that…
  • Fish is proposing to Spencer and Jeremy to trust 3 people they know they cannot trust to get KW1 out…Hmmm…
  • Jeremy doesn’t want fallout from the tribe members who trust him back at camp after taking KW1 out…he doesn’t want to jump ship…


It is pouring at TC

Jeff introduces the jury…Kass still flipping people off…Savage not so much.

Tribal council has a lot of talk going back and forth between Ciera and Fish about voting blocks…all talking about bad weather, cold, wet, no sleep, hard to concentrate, all of this taking a toll on everyone.

Ciera says it is now time to PLAY or GET PLAYED.

Jeff takes a vote of who feels comfortable and about half say they are and half say they are not. KW1 feels comfortable…Hmmm


KW1 – 1 1 1 1 1

Ciera – 1 1 1

KW – 1 1

 As Jeff says THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN…Kelly Wigglesworth says YES THEY HAVE, and becomes the 9th person voted out and the 3rd person on the Jury!




Q&A with Jeff Probst

Interview with Kelly

Ciao for now…thanks for reading…



There is some big vote using the white and black rocks…no clue what it is about!



Survivor ~ Second Chance ~ S31 – EP8 – ‘You Call, We’ll Haul’


Before I start getting into this episode…what should have been the best season EVER regarding IDOLS has really started to fizzle…I am not sure anyone thinks much about them and they certainly are not hunting them as they have in the past. Having to retrieve them at the challenges was an EPIC idea…but KW found hers and then Jeremy found his, and then nothing…which actually will work out well for KW in this episode and hopefully it will remind people for the remainder of the game that this is an ADVANTAGE and not a curse and perhaps light a fire under everyone.

This episode opens with…

ORKUN – Savage is talking to Jeremy about who to pick off when…he believes a BIG MOVE is about to happen and he needs to figure out what it is so he can control it and guide it…amusing considering the episode as a whole…

Ciera and Fishbach talking about a BIG MOVE, and Ciera says go after Joe

 REWARD CHALLENGE…iced coffee Bagels, Lox, Cream cheese, Bagel sandwiches, cookies, and Jeff says…“You’re going to OD on caffeine and sugar and return to camp hopping around like little bunnies,” which was pretty amusing coming from him!

This challenge is paddling out to locate and untie wooden boxes and load them onto the boat, return to the beach and of course solve a puzzle…each team has to paddle out around a marker, and then head back in collecting the boxes on their way back to the beach…the boxes have to be placed into a stand open to all 4 sides, and no repeating color may be on any side…

The teams were a schoolyard pick, GREEN was Kimmi, KW, Joe, KW1, Keith and Ciera…the PURPLE was Tasha, Savage, Spencer, Jeremy, Fishbach, and Abi.

It seemed GREEN had trouble paddling and controlling their boat, and then PURPLE fell behind allowing GREEN to reach the beach….and then PURPLE catches up and you see Fishbach acting like a human pogo stick jumping up and down saying they got the puzzle solved (which would had been stellar since they were behind), but alas…Jeff had to break the news that they had 2 reds showing on one side, and BOOM, the GREEN team won reward which nearly sent Fishbach to tears because Joe would now be in a position to gather intel and be persuaded by the players on the reward with him and he wants Joe gone. Poor Fish…he has done nothing except whine, cry and flail his limbs in 8 episodes, AND score points for the other team in challenges…and yet he is still there to amuse us each every week!


Plenty of coffee and food and everyone digs in while also talking strategy, and then they all go on a ride with Keith driving, on the little open air passenger vehicles…all Keith needs to do is get a driver’s license for that thing and he could move there with a job!!! Pretty funny watching the expression on everyone’s faces while Keith is driving them around.

  • Ciera was telling everyone that the 4 strong BAYON members were in it together for the long haul and that everyone should sit up and take notice
  • Back at camp…Fish whining more about the food challenge winners bonding and ruining his game…
  • Fish wants Joe out
  • Jeremy almost agrees
  • Fish talking to Spencer wanting Joe out
  • Fish to Tasha – get Joe out!
  • Savage overhears that conversation…
  • Savage goes to Joe and tells him Fish wants him out…



I AM A BIT DISAPPOINTED! Out of all the challenges they could have chosen to repeat, they chose yet ANOTHER ball balancing one…surely after 31 seasons of challenges there might have been 50-60 others to choose from, wouldn’t you think? Sigh…

This time the board is attached to a post via ropes, then the survivors hold another set of ropes attached to the opposite side of the disc and must control a ball placed on their disc…granted this isn’t an easy feat whatsoever, but c’mon Probst…stop the re-run challenges.


Immunity challenge


Here we go:

  • KW first out
  • Cierra follows
  • KW1 follows her
  • Jeremy is next
  • Abi goes out before Fishbach
  • Fish drops his ball
  • Savage drops his and they move to round two…

Round Two

Hands are one notch further down the rope (making the disc/ball harder to control)

  • Kimmi bites the dust
  • Tasha is next

Round Three

Hands are another notch further down the rope

  • Spencer drops
  • Keith and Joe left (Keith won this challenge in his season)

Round Four

  • A second ball is added to the disc
  • Both men have the balls start moving independently of each other, but Keith’s drop off the disc first…Keith Drops

SORRY FISH…JOE WINS IMMUNITY!( Now KNOWING Fish is after him…HE is after FISH!)



  • Fish is pizzed and says Joe is his White Whale (Moby Dick)
  • Joe wants to target KW/ABI/Ciera because they are on the bottom
  • Savage campaigning against Fish to KW/Jeremy
  • Jeremy wants KW or Ciera cause he loves FISH (comic relief)



  • Jeff introduces the first member of the Jury – KASS – who walks in and flips the bird at the tribe sitting on their stumps…LOL
  • Savage and Ciera being very vocal…Ciera saying all those on the bottom should feel like targets (but who are they really with all the sub alliances?)
  • KW brings up “someone approaching her” (Joe) wanting to make a big move
  • Probst asks why she didn’t target them or out them and KW says because if she doesn’t go, then she may have to work with them the next day. (GREAT POINT)




KW PLAYS THE IDOL that she found on Day three of this season…by saying…“You know what, Jeff? I may be on the bottom, but I’m not ready to go home yet.”

The whole tribe and Kass are stunned and elated

Here are the results:

  • KW – 9 DO NOT COUNT votes
  • Savage – 2 votes – and his flame is snuffed, his game ended

SURVIVOR Savage – the 2nd member of the jury


savage flame snuff


On his way out Abi says “you made it to the Jury”…Savage flips her off…great…NOW WE HAVE THE ENTIRE JURY FLIPPING PEOPLE OFF!!!!!

 I HAVE TO ADMIT I KINDA HATE TO SEE Savage go because he really REALLY wanted this second chance and he played very hard from day one…only trouble is he didn’t always make good judgement calls, and he needed to temper his temper…he needed to appear a bit more humble than what we saw of him to last longer.

LESSON: Splitting the vote can have disastrous results…or blessed ones if you are KW with an idol!



A hunting we will go

A hunting we will go

Heigh ho, the dairy-o,

IDOL hunting we will go!


Q&A with Jeff Probst

Interview with Andrew Savage the day after

10 Things Andrew Savage Wants You to Know

Ciao for now…thanks for reading…hoping Stars is listening to her doctor and getting stronger every day!

Survivor ~ Second Chance ~S31 EP7 ~Play to Win


Here is hoping Stars is well on the way to a full recovery…thought I might lighten her load a bit and post these recaps over here until she is 100% again, so she can concentrate on her health and not publishing blogs…as it should be!!! We can move them back to her site when she is stronger so they will all be together…


This episode started out with a brief review of the tribes 2 in the beginning of the game merging…to 3…dropping back to 2… and finally to 1 . The new tribe is ORKUN.


orkun camp

This is the largest merge ever in survivor with 13 players remaining…so what is going to happen here? The jury has to be an odd number and the final is usually a final 3. The one thing this tribe swapping has done is mess up any previous alliances which were conceived prior to hitting the island…I mean who could predict who would survive the craziness of all the different tribes because they were all random draw.


  • TA KEO talking about the game, and Savage feeling left out since the tribe went against his wishes and his plan at the last TC. He says “They are incredible liars. I thought I could read people pretty well. These folks are professional.”
  • BAYON gets a tree mail message to meet on the beach
  • TA KEO gets a tree mail message to gather all their belongings from camp and follow a map
  • The tribes meet up and merge at 13 total and the game goes back to square 1 for INDIVIDUAL immunity.
  • Can we please get rid of Abi and Fishbach now?????


Question:   What is the one thing you never want to see on Survivor?

Answer:   Fishbach reciting poetry!

 At least the majority weren’t fooled or taken in and there was a lot of eye rolling and giggling. That wasn’t the reaction he expected I am sure.

 More events…

  • Tasha and Kass seeking information from each other, and Kass says Tasha just unleashed the beast within…so CHAOS KASS IS BACK!
  • Kass tells Tasha she hasn’t learned anything from her first time playing
  • Tasha disagrees and tells Kass she has learned not to trust her
  • Kass calls Tasha out at camp
  • Ciera calls out Savage at camp in front of the tribe
  • Kass and Ciera just became public enemy numbers 1 and 2.
  • Kass announces in front of everyone she will be voting for Tasha’s snuff of the torch
  • Ciera battles back by making chit up about Savage and Woo – these undercurrents are going to last awhile.



And a tough one it is…they are standing on a narrow plank at a downward slant which will narrow further each time they reset.

They have a flat piece of wood on a long wooden pole on which they must balance a sizable wooden ball. With each reset they must hold the pole further down toward the end giving them almost no control over balancing the ball.


Immunity challenge.jpg

As Jeff Probst counts them into phase one of the challenge Fishbach has no protection from his own stupid self and drops his ball (you can see it about to roll off in the picture) and is out of the challenge…WHY IS HE STILL AROUND????? Oh wait…comic relief…LOL

Keith out, Cierra out, Kimmi out…and end of round 1

1 second into round 2…ABI out…Kass out, KW1 out, KW out

TIME FOR ROUND THREE…After Savage, Tasha and Jeremy are eliminated, it is down to Spencer and Joe


immunity necklace.jpg



  • Savage wants Cierra out
  • Others want Kass out
  • Kass and her minions want Tasha out in a blindside move
  • Joe wins immunity and he and Spencer are the 2 swing votes…gonna be a fun TC.



Spencer feels he needs to vote the way Kass wants since she saved him last week…this will also save Ciera.

  • Kass calling out Tasha
  • Tasha calling out Kass
  • Ciera says “If the voting is easy tonight then you are playing the wrong game”


Time to vote…

 Kass   6

Ciera   4

Tasha 2

Savage 1


   SURVIVOR  Kass – you are the first member of the jury!




 Interview with Jeff Probst

 Interview with Kass


Ciao for this week…thanks for reading…






Is everyone as excited about Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Melbourne as I am?

I have been on pins and needles since the last show of Season 1.

I found the Aussie show a breath of fresh air from the US wine glass throwing (RHONY), table flipping (RHONJ), leg throwing (RHONY), Wig pulling (RHOA), character assassination (RHOBH), wig-out in the woods (RHONY), Tamara Barney lies (RHOBH), husband throw down (RHONJ), the Satchels of Gold fight (RHONY) and on and on. (The Aussies did do themselves proud during the screaming match at the reunion show though – credit where credit is due!)

The news that one cast member is NOT returning has also upped my spirits in anticipation for the upcoming season, that being Andrea Moss. Well what can I say, she had an argument in episode one, said she was big enough to let it go and move forward…and then harped on it incessantly in every episode for the remainder of the season AND the Finale. Sadly, that one freaking fight was the highlight of her “character”…zzzzzzzzzzzz. 

Gossip has it that the decision for Andrea Moss to not return was entirely her own, but I won’t drink that Kool-aid, I am thinking my girl Gina was in there somewhere, or at least I hope she was (YAY #TEAM GINA).

And what is up with her still tweeting as Team Andrea? Why would anyone no longer on the show keep that up? I see she is giving bullying advice on Twitter and stocking people up with Eye Cream because she un-followed them “accidentally”. Whatever!

NOTE to Andrea: If you didn’t want the hand towels to get dirty in your guest loo – YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE PUT THEM OUT FOR PEOPLE TO USE!


I understand there are 2 new housewives this upcoming season, and they are affectionately known as the “Ladies who Lunch”.

Gamble Breaux – “loves all things beautiful. She believes in always looking your best, even if that means a little nip and tuck. A big dog lover, Gamble is bubbly and fun and always up for a party” according to

Pettifleur Berenger, who is “described as “determined, feisty and glamorous, thrives on a life of accomplishment and luxury. She is a successful property developer, lives in a penthouse in the heart of the city and is mother to three fantastic boys.” Finally, I will get to see what a Property Developer does. (Janet Roach said she was one too but all the first season I never saw squat related to property development.)  


Twitter has blessed me this season with an unequaled supply of fodder. You know, the social media app where you can say anything you want in response to someone else you just are limited to 140 characters of type in the message?

As the inimitable Barney Stinson from How I Met your Mother would say…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I see it as…how can I level the playing field in 140 characters or fewer, LOL? I do so love a good challenge, as most all Southern women do, bless their hearts!

So, on Twitter anyone can pull up someone’s name, and see what they are tweeting about. Granted, it is usually themselves, and not unlike Face Book, the comments are usually TMI (too much information) for my taste, but a girl can get the skinny on anyone, and I feel when challenged with 140 characters, only the cream rises to the top. Let’s look at a couple of tweets:

This tweet pretty much sums up Andrea…  2-words – 46 emojis. What are you 12? Bless your heart; you know you don’t ‘have’ to use all 140 characters, right? EPIC FAIL!


This one pretty much sums up “Hi-I-am-Jackie-nice-to-meet-you-and-you-probably-don’t-know-but-I-am-psychic”…EPIC FAIL!


Jackie…”their, there, they’re” honey…bless your heart, I know those spellings can get confusing!

Here is Real Housewife Lesson #1 for you.

  • Not everyone is going to love you as much as you love you.
  • Not everyone is going to love how you act and portray yourself in every episode as much as you do.

The most important thing to remember is all viewers each get to have an opinion which is just as valid as yours.

Remember, WE THE VIEWERS, are the ones who ultimately decide whether TV shows stay on the air or not – no viewers/show gets cancelled. So, you can tweet “negative peeps” all you want, but that is why chocolate was invented… because not everyone likes vanilla…just sayin’!

NOTE to Jackie: People who work for you are not working for Rock Star(s)! Your musician/husband is just a drummer in a band – and you aren’t in the band, so let’s keep it real shall we?  


Moving right along to my two favorite returnees I can’t wait to see in Season 2…the classiest of all, Gina and Chyka…bless your hearts, maybe this season will be easier without the instigator! Break in the ‘newbie’s’ gently please (the correct way), and it should be a fun season for all.

Gina Liano has a dry quick wit and a stellar sense of humor (which I love) and also does sweet justice by saying what she feels and then moves on…absolutely love that about her…no need to hash and rehash (what we Yanks call beating an already dead horse). She is not only a beauty but very accomplished in her professional life. Gina, can’t wait to see you when the show returns, because your reaction to all the histrionics of the other gals kept me laughing the whole first season, and I have the expectation of you continuing that this next season as well.

NOTE to Gina: Psst…with the exception of a couple of people there, you WERE sitting at a table with at least one moron (who won’t be in Season 2)!!  

Chyka Keebaugh is an accomplished, business-savvy, well mannered, sweet, funny lady who knows the proper place and time to bring up subjects for discussion. She stands up for who/what she believes is right – and doesn’t have the need to make a spectacle of herself to make a point for the cameras –others could learn a lot from this classy lady. Love the businesses you and your wonderful husband have built. Can’t wait to see you on Season 2! Everyone go to for a real treat!  

Have I left anyone out? Oh yes, Janet and the snow bunny Lydia.

Janet Roach, I thought was a property developer – but in Season 1, I don’t remember her developing anything other than a Cougar-relationship with a ‘way too young’ male and melting down her wedding rings. I will have to think back, but for now, nothing stands out to me. I guess I could have missed it. To be totally honest, I sometimes dozed off during her segment – nothing personal.  

Lydia Schiavello,*WOW* just *WOW*, bless her heart! I think Lydia has a very giving nature but I would like to know more about her than the surface snow-bunny stuff. I want to see her get her pilot’s license, I want to see her graduate in Interior Design – heck I want to see something/anything from her – step it up girl, you can do it!

I am familiar with her husband’s work (Andrew Norbury) and he is a brilliant architect. So far though with her I just see a trophy wife/snow bunny/not the sharpest tool in the shed mindset from her. Please surprise me in Season 2.  


I was just ready to wrap this blog up and post it when here came the “shineshineshine train” roaring down the track, LOL. Why is “psychic” Jackie trying to trademark “shine-shine-shine”? Isn’t that like trade marking the word “the”? #dumbdumberdumbest

Read More

Season 2 of the RHOMelbourne is set to air in Australia on Sunday, February 22, 2015 – Don’t miss it!

For those in the US – Season 2 will be aired on March 5, 2015 at 9PM on BRAVO – and not a minute too soon!

RHOM cast pic     RHOM cast 2  


One more thing before I push the publish button…WATCH OUT MELBOURNE HOUSEWIVES…an Ex-RHONY housewife (Alex McCord) just moved to Brisbane…so either she is gunning to get on the Melbourne show, or she wants to be the cornerstone of a new housewife series in Brissie…Just a little nugget to ponder since she does NOTHING without an agenda…and neither does her attention-seeking husband, Simon, fair warning!

A Few Tidbits


Please let me start off with I had no intentions of recapping any of the RHOBH episodes because Brandi has made this show TOXIC, however I am loving me some Lisa Vanderpump, my FAV of all time, and Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rhinna!

Lisa Vanderpump – She is so awesome, and I love Vanderpump Rules as well…thank heavens Kristen is gone…Job well done Lisa, but that is yet another blog!

Eileen Davidson – love her quick wit – “Eileen to Brandi, how about a little neosporin, eye roll, get a grip” comment and “hose them off” comment, plus SHE IS SANE!

Lisa Rhinna – for her wonderful sense of humor and ability to fit in to all situations and even laugh at herself. She is also SANE.

“Lisa Rinna was commenting on something she actually SAW with her own eyes. What we ALL saw. Not a fabrication designed to hurt Brandi. Brandi needs to stop with the lies and deflecting and be more cautious with her own actions and reckless words, if she’s that concerned what people may say about her.” 

Eileen and Lisa R are a welcome addition to the show.

Here is Brandi’s take on them From TammaraTattles:

“On that front, I think we all hope that some of the ladies start doing something interesting soon, because our two resident Gladys Kravitzs tittering and clutching their pearls in mock horror at me is kind of boring. “

Read More at Reality Tea     Read More at TamaraTattles


And she creates drama and pushes buttons to make herself relevant on the show, when she needs to be in rehab and take a SEMINAR (not just a class) on bullying.

Brandi is 5’10” and when wearing 6” heels towers at 6’4”

Kyle is 5’2” and when wearing 6” heels stands at 5’8” Brandi would then tower 8” above her…THAT is intimidating and an invasion of personal space when she keeps walking toward Kyle forcing her to keep backing up to avoid a personal confrontation, that is intimidation and bullying.

If Kyle isn’t wearing high heels…well that makes Brandi 14” taller! Do the math!

Brandi’s podcasts should tell you who she really is – they can’t even get her decent advertising because she can’t stop dropping the F-bomb every other word, or another example of her “outrageous diatribe at seven-year-old son as she unleashes torrent of expletives and claims she’s booking him into rehab in rambling podcast.”

Read more
I would say Eddie lucked out getting a newer model by 10 years!

Here are the kids with their dad Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes –we will call it YOUR BRAIN…

eddie kids

Here are the kids with Brandi – we will call it YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS

brandi kids

See, a picture IS worth 1,000 words!


OK, that is all I have to say other than FIRE BRANDI or get her some rehab and anger management help, and quit rewarding her poor behavior with a BRAVO paycheck!


P.S. Since I don’t do these shows on a regular basis, I have recently found three great bloggers so you can stay totally up-to-date.

Please visit

to quench your celebrity thirst.


Real Housewives of Melbourne…coming soon…I promise …I swear it is almost finished!

Teresa Reunites With Joe & 4 Daughters


Radar ONLINE has all the gossip:

Teresa Giudice’s Fellow Inmates Call Her ‘Princess Teresa’  

Prison Issues Restrictions For Teresa Giudice Fan Mail

Inside Gia Giudice’s First Prison Visit With Teresa

Teresa And Joe Giudice Are Arguing While She’s Locked Up

The First Two Weeks In Prison


Well, here are some of the stories, true or not, and many thanks to Radar OnLine for being our exclusive source for this week’s stories! Teresa Giudice Prison ‘Secret’ Gay Culture Revealed By Former Inmate Teresa Giudice is concerned her husband Joe could stray while she is behind bars, but should he be worried too? A former inmate of the Real Housewives of New JREAD MORE

Teresa Giudice’s Crying Herself To Sleep

Teresa Giudice is crying herself to sleep, getting special meal-time privileges and grossing out the other inmates by sitting on her prison cell toilet in … READ MORE

Reality Diva Teresa Giudice Assigned Prison Laundry Job

Teresa is cleaning up her act — and all her fellow inmates dirty clothes! can exclusively reveal that the Real Housewives of New Jersey has … READ MORE

Teresa Bunks With ‘Convicted Drug Dealer’ — Inside Her Prison Life…

Teresa Giudice is in her second week behind bars, and she’s settling into her very small home away from home. “She’s in a cell with four other women,” a prison … READ MORE

Teresa Asks Friends To Keep Tabs On Ladies Man Joe

When Teresa‘s away, Joe will play? Imprisoned reality star Teresa Giudice has asked friends to keep tabs on her husband Joe while she’s behin… READ MORE

Teresa Giudice Writing A Book Behind Bars

In between sweeping her cell and working for 12 cents an hour at her prison job, Teresa Giudice is keeping busy with a secret project behind bars — a prison tel… READ MORE

Teresa Slams Joe & Melissa Gorga In Secret Phone Call

Teresa Giudice insists she’s a changed woman, but has learned that just hours before entering prison, she was still stirring up drama. Gi… READ MORE “Teresa called many people the night before she went to prison,” an insider told Radar. “Two of the people she called happened to be Melissa and Joe. She was insistent that they were partially to blame for her jail sentence, because they came on the Real Housewives of New Jersey and made her look bad.” To be continued… maybe as soon as next week after family visits!

What Day Is it on Monday, January 5th?

dentistcrownfinalThe day we have all been waiting for, and I hope Teresa DOES get her crown!


What Day Is it on Monday, January 5th?

That would be KARMA day…the day Teresa Giudice goes to prison…couldn’t happen to a nicer felon! Her last words to the camera will no doubt be, “I don’t know why this is happening to me!” Here is what she is telling her 2 youngest kids about why she is going away:

“She told them she is going to jail to work on a book about jail,” an unidentified source told Radar Online.

From Radar Online…

“Obviously, the reality stars don’t think Milania and Audriana are old enough to realize that their mother didn’t have to spend 15 months in a restaurant when she wrote her cookbooks.”

So yeah, the fraudster is finally going to prison, but she is not going to prison quietly. On December 3, 2014 she files suit against her bankruptcy attorney for $5 million…she says HE is the reason she is going to jail because he botched the bankruptcy filings in 2010, and then prepared faulty amendments. Say what? She further claims he inadequately prepared her for a hearing before the federal Bankruptcy Court trustee. C’mon, surely he advised her to disclose to him ALL THE ASSETS, and to tell the TRUTH! Those are 2 things she can’t seem to manage in the same sentence – truth and full disclosure!

Is Teresa in denial about prison? Many think so because of her actions since sentencing. As carefully crafted as her movements were all during the court proceedings, she has since sentencing been out on family vacations, helping her eldest daughter with some music group she is in and attending her performance, making kitchen videos, and discussing New Year’s resolutions with her new BFF Dina Manzo. And get this…her new year’s resolution is not to merely survive prison…it is to eat less carbs! Let me know how that works out for you Teresa, since your diet will consist of vending machine food and commissary items!

On a more serious note, coming from the other side of her mouth she said, “I’m not gonna deny it, I’m so scared. I’m really scared,” she said. “I’m a good woman of faith and heritage.” What does a ‘good woman of heritage” even mean? I know you only think you are going to be in prison for a couple of weeks, but maybe when the cell door slams shut it will bring you to your senses, although I don’t have high hopes for that happening, even as you snuggle in on your top bunk atop a thin ratty mattress with a thin scratchy blanket over you. Holy Cannoli Cupcakes – you have no idea what the word “reality” really means! Hopefully you will soon!

Teresa is all about the money now. Not for repayment of the $13 million she and hubby Juicy Joe bilked people and banks out of, but since the “breadwinner” is facing prison, she won’t be earning her Real Housewives money for the next year, so she has her 13-year-old set up for doing a pilot for her own reality show focusing on her fledgling music career, and is setting the rest of the family up to take the crown away from Keeping up with the Kardashians! Non-felons need not apply!

So all of this begs answers to the following questions:

  • Will Joe drive her to prison or will he be playing Mr. Mom?
  • If she is lying to her youngest two, will they visit her in prison while she (cough cough) does her research?
  • What about those hair extensions, are they allowed in prison?
  • Does prison have a spray tan booth? If not, Teresa will be pale by comparison (pun intended)!
  • Why is she taking her gold cross necklace and a Bible to prison with her, does she not know they will take the jewelry away? It’s probably a knockoff anyway, right?
  • “Who has 0-30 seconds” in the office pool for her to have a complete meltdown when the cell door closes? Winner Winner Chicken Substitute Dinner!
  • Is Juicy Joe going to step up and be Mr. Mom, or step out and be himself?
  • Will Teresa ever learn to read things before she signs them? Will she write a book about being in prison? Should she be able to make money from doing prison time?

For this and much much more, please stay tuned as there will be monthly updates for the next 15 months, and please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section to this blog.



Does Joe have a valid driver’s license?

Interesting that Juicy Joe drove the kids to school the morning of his wife’s incarceration, since his plea deal on October 15, 2014 required him to serve no additional prison time, but it DID state he must give up his driving privileges for up to two years. Oh wait…that sentencing isn’t until March 20, 2015, so I guess he was legal today!

“The more serious of the two charges Giudice faced, willfully using the identification of another, was a second-degree offense and carried a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Under the deal, he admitted to possessing a fraudulent driver’s license, a crime of the fourth degree, and received a suspended 18-month sentence. He will return to Passaic County Superior Court in Paterson on March 20 for his formal sentencing, although the only major issues remaining are his fine — the maximum is $10,000 — and the length of time his driver’s license will be suspended. “

Read more here

God forbid the little princesses should have to take the school bus, right?

Rules and Regulations

Here is the commissary menu , a description of what Teresa can expect in her 3 meals a day (used to be called 3 hots and a cot) and a little of the inside scoop on what Teresa will now face on a daily basis. Thanks WTG for the link…there are so many today and so little time…LOL!

Teresa’s New Rules

Pending Lawsuit Against Bankruptcy Attorney

See the link above (Teresa’s New Rules) for the quote I am including here.

“Last month, Teresa Giudice sued former attorney James Kridel, whose firm handled the couple’s bankruptcy case, alleging legal malpractice and negligence.

Reached by phone last week, Kridel called the lawsuit ‘ridiculous’ and denied the claims.

‘We did what we were supposed to do,’ he said. ‘We can only rely on the facts that were provided to us. I don’t wish her any ill will, but I would have preferred a ‘thank you’ rather than a lawsuit.’ 

(Does anyone think Teresa will ever take accountability for anything…ever???)

More updates as they unfold…

What Ticks YOUR Boxes?

  • I’m not a fan of the carpet, I want hard wood floors
  • It’s a little tight in this kitchen, we wouldn’t be able to cook in here together
  • I was expecting granite countertops
  • I only want stainless steel appliances
  • This is a total gut job
  • I want an open floor plan
  • I need a place for entertaining
  • I want a grand entry
  • It’s on a busy road with a lot of noise, that could be a deal breaker
  • This is not what I expected at this price point
  • There is so much to do and we are already at the top of the budget
  • We wanted a place we could make our own
  • I want to be able to put my own stamp on it
  • For the most part it ticks most of my boxes
  • I wanted turn-key
  • I don’t want to have to do anything at all; it needs to be move in ready…


What do all of these phrases have in common?

You guessed it, HDTV and all of the House Hunter, Property Virgins, Property Brothers, Living Alaska, Beachfront Bargains, and House Hunters International shows that are on TV these days.

I live vicariously through these shows, but I don’t do it quietly or without animation. If you looked up ‘interactive television’ in the dictionary, there would be a picture of me sitting in front of my TV watching one of these shows, shaking my head, howling with laughter and waving my arms in exasperation.

Invariably there is an opposite ‘wish list’ between husbands and wives or girlfriend and boyfriend both in style and in the vision of what they wanted (the actual “bones” of the houses.) One wants a mid-century modern and the other wants a Craftsman Bungalow with character. One wants a traditional 2-story red brick colonial with columns and the other wants a single story ranch or loft with an open floor plan and clean lines. I SHAKE MY HEAD A LOT – sometimes enough that I worry about shaken baby syndrome, can that happen to old folks too?

“SAY WHAT?” and “YOU CHUCKLEHEAD” and maybe even a “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?” could easily slip past my lips when certain comments are made like I posted above, but where I get totally irate and lose it is when the young people buying their first home who want all the upgrades and bells and whistles that their parents have acquired after 30-40 years in their 500k- 800k homes…all for 125k! Because why? Because the young folks of today are entitled – just ask them! They walk into these homes and want upgrades costing more than their entire budget, and they are quite arrogant about it too, but the real test of patience for me is the eclecticism (or more than likely the ethnicities).

“I need a large Master BET-ROOM” says one gal…screeeeech! WHAT? BET-ROOM? What the crap is a BET-ROOM? Are you saying you want a game room where you can have a card table? How about a place for a pool table? (I actually watched one gal buy a home to fit a pool table and she didn’t even own one), but I digress, back to the BET-ROOM…well, of course, she really meant a Master BEDroom. I get it now, she knows what she wants in a home, yet she was deprived of English classes all through school, right? She tossed out her Webster’s dictionary for the urban version.

Sadly, this is not mutually exclusive to house hunting, but now I can add house hunters to the ever present athletes, rappers and 90% of the ‘perps’ on shows like Cops who cannot speak our language. Don’t you think a good trade off for a 5 million dollar contract in the NFL should be a semblance of proper grammar and enunciation? I think it should be a prerequisite at least for being interviewed by sportscasters on national Television. And what is with starting every answer to a question posed to them with…“ I mean…”

The question posed is how do you like the house? So the answer should be… I like it…I don’t like it, or there are both pros and cons concerning the property. None of these start with “I mean”.

With sports…the question posed is how do you think the defense is holding up coach? “I mean”…I think we could have done a little better.

With celebrities…the question posed is, were you expecting to win the Emmy? A possible answer is I hoped I would, or maybe I didn’t think I would because of all the talent I was up against…none of which start with “I mean” wow, I was really surprised!

PEOPLE…look up superfluous, and then start your answer over again…sheesh. Of course speaking on television will need to be a whole separate blog later on – “I mean” – really it will!

Back to house hunting, sorry I just saw of something shiny and got off track here for a minute.

I know these shows must provide the participants with a punch list of acceptable terms to use, because they all use the same ones, every show – someone must have written the standard, and all shows adhere to it. I guess that is easier and more streamlined than wondering what “might be” coming out of their mouth next and having to re-tape segments.

Moving right along …WHO WINS? Well ladies, congratulations for using every trick in the book and every power of persuasion you possess in your arsenal, because not only do you rock at this, you get your way on the high side of 95% of the time, even on the vacation homes that you will only be spending 2 weeks a year in and will rent the remainder of the time. The men may control the budget, but Happy Wife= Happy Life is the overall winner, with few exceptions.

Before I end this blog, let’s take a look quickly at the non-interactive home show.

I prefer shows like Rehab Addict where Nicole Curtis takes homes from the 1800s or early 1900s and rehabs them back to their original condition in the same period from which they were built. She has done some stunning renovations, managing to keep the true character of the house, reusing reclaimed wood and items from the period when the home was originally built. She usually finds original fixtures or hardware in the attic or garage of the home or at a couple of businesses who sell old items and re-purposes them with a fresh clean look. What she learns about the house during the restoration is more of the history of the house. Sometimes a neighbor will stop by and tell her about someone who lived in the home for many years before it was condemned and Nicole got a hold of it.

Girl gets down and dirty doing the show, painting, staining floors, tons of power tools, landscaping, taking down walls to find exposed brick, and pulling down wallpaper that has been up for 50+ years. This show is well worth the watch.

It is also much quieter at my house during her shows. My dog gets to sleep beside me in uninterrupted peace without me blurting out comments, or unsolicited advice to some first-time home buyers, who by the way don’t have the sense God, gave a goose, but they are entitled beyond belief!

So, the obvious question now is…what ticks YOUR boxes on home shows?

Ebony & Ivory

dentistcrownfinal  Trying NOT to Keep Up With the Kardashians


Weren’t we taught growing up that it wasn’t right to try and “Keep up with the Joneses?”

Then why would anyone want to keep up with the Kardashians?

Instead of the GLT (Gym, Laundry, Tan) of the Jersey Shore train wrecks, now we have the LA train wreck version, Kris Jenner’s Kardashians Krew of SBT (Selfie, Bitching, Tan). Think back…how many times do you see Kim when she ISN’T taking a “Selfie”?

The girls seem to be known for big butts (on purpose), baby after baby outside of marriage, and now it seems except for Scott Disick , they have all started the ‘dump the white guy for the black guy’ theme.

It started with Khloe and Lamar Odham, then Kim dumps her pale groom ( who was also named Kris after 72 days) and is now married to Kayne West AFTER having a baby (#3 for the K family outside of marriage) to Kanye West AND this her 3rd marriage at the tender age of 34. Now we have moved on to Kris dating some black guy since she filed for divorce from Bruce Jenner (who has his own struggles going on it seems) only his isn’t mixed race, but mixed gender, blah blah blah. I can’t keep up.

From, a repost by Khloe

kardashiankkkThat is soooooo not funny Khloe!


Poor Scott Disick – (baby daddy to not 1, not 2, but rapidly approaching #3 without being married to KK (oh wait, they are all named KK, right?) So to be specific, Scott is the ‘partner’ to Kourtney K since 2007 – dude is going to be the only Caucasian left since Bruce left! Oh wait, there is Rob too, but he is in hiding most of the time.

Why does anyone watch them? They are arrogant, rude, and really not very interesting, so what’s the attraction? Maybe I am over thinking this, maybe it is as simple as when passing a car wreck on the freeway, you can’t help but look even though you know you shouldn’t.

Is it that we want to see the same problems we have only on a grander scale? Bad marriages, sibling fights, drunken stupors, SELFIES, seeing how many kids we can have out of wedlock. Or maybe it is just that when we watch them it makes us feel better knowing we aren’t the ones acting like fools on National Television?

I sincerely think the only two that may have a chance are Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Maybe Bruce keeps them grounded. I certainly hope they don’t become fame ho’s like the K-side of the family.

There is also Brody Jenner who could give a rat’s behind about any of the K’s. Not sure he really even cares much for his Dad either though, so maybe it is a non sequitur.

OMG…I was just doing a web crawl before I posted this, and BAM, I run across this at

So, are y’all going to keep on watching that train wreck of a show? I have tried on three separate occasions to watch a complete episode, and I never could make it through even one of them.  More power to those who can, but for me, I would rather have a 16-wheeler drive over my boob so I can practice for my Mamogram  at the same time I am having a root canal! As my sainted mother used to say – “You are a better man than I am!”

I may be driven back to the Real Housewives shows…speaking of which…the best Real Housewives show is The Real Housewives of Melbourne…it should be back on with Season 2 around February 2015…now those Aussies know how to cast a show!

Shine Shine Shine!!! (Inside RHOM joke…just like the Psychic that says it.)

The “NEW” View

dentist crownDid this show just get better with the new co-hosts?


I am hearing mixed reviews, but for the most part I would say HELL YEAH IT DID!

WaWa stayed about 10 years too long, and I hadn’t seen anyone as bad as the Fame Ho Jenny McCarthy since Elizabeth Hasslebeck, and although I am going to miss Sherri Shepherd a little bit…I hope she gets her personal life straightened out before returning to public hosting.

Let’s look at the new lineup:

Whoopie has always been front-and-center for me. She is down home, a seasoned veteran, well rounded, very bright and can speak to any topic. Having said that, if there were a topic she wasn’t well versed on, she would abstain from comment, or just say she didn’t know enough to speak to the subject. Too bad Rosie Perez can’t do the same.

Rosie Perez needs to decide whether she wants to accentuate Latinos or Brooklyn-ites, because the mixture of “accents” she is doing now (in a single sentence) doesn’t work. I had never heard a Latino/Gangsta/’Streetie’ before she was on the show. She also needs to do better homework on the topics so she isn’t reading her notes all the time. C’mon Perez, the topics are discussed in meetings before the shows, it isn’t like you are being blindsided with them. I can’t believe she is the best Latino representative there is…by a long shot!

Nicole Wallace is nothing like I expected she was going to be, and it is 2 thumbs up for her as a new co-host! I am enjoying watching her a lot. Well versed, can poke fun at herself, extremely well spoken and not as overly conservative as I thought she was going to be…Well played Nicole!

Rosie – Rosie – Rosie O’Donnell. You have reached adult status as a talk show host, although the last time on the view was a bumpy ride, I think with the current co-hosts, you have a good fit if you will conform and not pick petty arguments. Keep on Keepin on, but it remains to be seen if you are going to have another blow up and walk off over something so easily correctable as wearing an earpiece so you KNOW what the producers are saying and you won’t get your ‘feelies’ hurt when the Whoopster cuts you off to go to a commercial! I am enjoying you this time around, so far, but the jury is still out on your longevity. Go Ro!

Survivor – Mid Season






By now it is apparent I am NOT going to do every episode…it is too much unless it is my paying job, but I will weigh in here at mid season, and also try to be a bit more vocal toward the end.

For the best of the best in recaps, please visit Dalton Ross…the genius with the time and energy to do this on a daily basis…he is amazing and my hat goes off to him…but he is also getting paid to do it…makes all the difference in the world! Dalton is an Assistant Managing Editor for Entertainment Weekly and his weekly Survivor Blogs can be found here:

Also…Jeff Probst does a Q&A every week with Dalton and they all can be found here including the one for this week:


Where is this season headed?

Well, either Tony made a great move last night or he shot himself in the foot. With three members to six…why implode your alliance at this point in the game. As more and more people are on the Jury, more and more of Tony will be exposed by Sarah (Jury member #1). Did you see her eyes as he continued his farce at Tribal Council about being a construction worker and not a cop? How many people has he told he originally lied and was really a cop? Puppies have the attention span of a gnat, and these remaining tribe members should be starting to see through Tony like a piece of Swiss cheese…but that among all else, remains to be seen, doesn’t it?

Spencer from the original Brain Tribe, should have been gone a long time ago because of where he stood (and maybe still stands) in the minority, and yet he is hanging on, and I am ELATED that he is. I would love to see him as the sole survivor!

I have to agree with the experts though on the decision to eliminate people based on the fact they don’t deserve to be there for whatever reason. Finally…someone is getting to the crux of who to vote out. Do you want to lose to someone who accidentally made it to the end via circumstances beyond your control, or do you want to lose/win against a fierce competitor? That is the real question, and we haven’t seen that line of thinking much…if we had…Boston Rob would never have won, and Russell would never have made it to the final 3 in his season.

The Jury has Sarah, Morgan, and now LJ, so that’s 2 people with intelligence and a boob (or two depending on how you look at it).

Who do I most want to see leave next?…well, silly question, KASS of course. What scares me worse than her still being in the game is that she is a lawyer!






I am an American,

I am proud to be an American,

I love my country,

I am a veteran, and

I display the American flag in my yard 365 days a year.

 I am also a fan of women’s sports, but at the end of the day, I am a greater fan of good sportsmanship – no matter the situation – no matter who is playing – no matter where they are playing – or for what award they are playing.

I am sorry the Women’s Hockey team lost the medal game between the U.S. and Canada thereby receiving the Silver Medal and not the Gold. I felt their disappointment as the game ended – it was clearly registered on their faces, and I totally get that!

My problem is their lackadaisical attitude and poor sportsmanship as a team representing the United States during the medal ceremony. It was an embarrassment.

hocky awards sochi

I understand the disappointment, but the team who played the best game won, and someone has to lose, just as someone has to win.

If you want the Gold medal, then play a Gold Medal Game! Don’t get up at the Medal Ceremony with a sour facial expression, no discernible decorum and stare at the IOC official presenting you the medal. It isn’t his/her fault you lost. It IS your responsibility and SHOULD be your HONOR to represent the United States in the manner in which it should be represented – win or lose.

hockey 2

If anyone allows you to represent MY country again in 2018, then put on your Big Girl panties, and win or lose, do it with the honor befitting an Olympian and a proud American!


WORST COOKS IN AMERICA ~ Donuts and Roulade

SKYE avatar
This week we find our lovable, merry band of kitchen misfits facing terror with the first challenge of ….Doughnuts!  Yes, doughnuts and yes, from scratch after a quick lesson from Bobby and Anne.  I won’t speak for anyone else; oh hell, I will speak for everyone else when I say REALLY????  You want the WORST cooks in America to make doughnuts from scratch????   Every person I know would have felt the same terror they felt if asked to make doughnuts from scratch!   Okay, I feel better now, having gotten that off my chest. 

 Now we come to the fun part when they could make any doughnut they wanted to, whether sweet or savory.    Jamie, our resident stereotype of classic bitchiness, was getting on everyone’s nerves, including the TV audience I would imagine with his childish antics of calling the other team “losers” and singing and taunting everyone with a high pitched voice that is sure to make you want to put your earmuffs on.   Then we have Stephanie, who is the resident princess of the bunch who actually got her doughnut complimented by adding bacon and sprinkles!   She may be a princess, but she sure knows that bacon makes everything better and that includes doughnuts.   She was still in the bottom three of the pack along with Carol who is so sweet and so pleasant and Jamie who I was hoping would get the boot.  They all did surprisingly well considering the task.    
This week, the contestants were surprised because Bobby and Anne had to pick a contestant from the other team to keep on their team.  Anne chose Carrie from Bobby’s team who was not at all pleased.   She was a Bobby Flay fan and admirer and she made it clear that she wasn’t happy although towards the end of the show she appeared to be settling down with Anne.   Bobby chose Stephanie from Anne’s team with blessings from Anne that perhaps he’ll have more luck with her.    We wish him luck; he’ll need it
Now we get to the big cooking challenge.   They have to make mashed potatoes which sounds easy enough and a ROULADE!   A roulade?   After they explained what the heck it was (just protein with something rolled up as it turns out) you have to wonder why they don’t start giving these dishes English names so that everyone can sound fancy and “cheffy” when they put mashed potatoes and meat rolled up on a plate!  It’s time for all the cooks in America, worst and best, to demand that these techniques and dishes get English translations that sound as exciting as the French words 🙂  Why should we have to say chicken/beef/pork with a stuffing inside of blah, blah blah when we can get our own fancy word and impress everyone? 

As you might imagine, the cooks, and I use that term loosely, started running around finding the ingredients they wanted to use and the reaction to the live lobster in the fridge, moving around was priceless.   You would think, if not having seen the lobster, that Godzilla was lurking in the fridge and about to attack.  One brave soul, Ken, decided that “TODAY’S THE DAY’ that he would cook this lobster.  To hell with the fact that he had absolutely no idea how to cook it and when he decided he would boil it, realized he didn’t have any water boiling.    After awhile, and pondering what in the world to do, he pardoned the lobster to live another day and changed his menu to something or other that was not really recognizable.  During his prep he triggered his own gag reflex so that alone should tell you about his skills in the kitchen

At the end of the challenge, everyone once again did a fair job    The best of the dishes were surprises to me.   Amber, the really scary lady with the foot long fingernails was one of the best as was Mike, who is one of the “middle pack” because he is just so normal.  It was nice to see them win a round.  

All around highlights of the show:

 1. When spotting the lychee fruit, it prompted a reaction from one of the cooks that it looks just like Anne Burrell’s HAIR   (true enough save for the PINK)

 2. One of the contestants making a doughnut and putting wasabi in it; Perhaps a chaser of milk?

 3. Watching not one, but TWO contestants try desperately to put the top on the food processor TOGETHER and still had a tough time

 4. Hearing a contestant say that he triggered his own gag reflex

 Sadly, Joe, who tried so hard and is just so cute was sent home as was Ken, the young cook who saved the lobster from certain death.   They were both really sweet guys.      Like most of these shows, these two guys were middle of the pack and we all know that they usually go first with the more animated and weird contestants staying on as long as possible for ratings.   

 Until next week…..happy cooking everyone! 

DUCK DYNASTY, Hey…Don’t judge a book by its cover!






NO ONE loves a good comedy better than I do. There have been some stellar ones over the years going all the way back to the classics…I Love Lucy, Cheers, and M*A*S*H to The Office, Scrubs, Saturday Night Live, all the sitcoms on BBC, but usually when I think of them I think of the ‘scripted’ comedies though, and not the ones that are just capturing the life of a family, (except for Honey Boo Boo) but now I see so much more meaning to the phrase the “the Good the Bad and the Ugly”.

I am seriously NOT talking about the appearance of anyone either because I KNOW that under those scraggly beards they are all as gorgeous as Willie at his Prom – huge dimples and all. Don’t believe me?

 Oh ye of little faith… Let me introduce you to:

Willie and Korrie Robertson…

before and after Willie

Jase and Missy Robertson

before and after JaseSi Robertson

before and after SIPhil Robertson

before and after PhilJep and Jessica Robertson

before and after Jep

 Back to the show…

DD show intro pic

Let’s just touch on these categories for a moment… 

GOOD – These people are a good God-fearing family who never sit down to a meal without giving thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon them (and that isn’t counting their multi-million dollar business).  They love each other and they love the land and the bounty it provides. They have respect for each other and they show that respect in “almost” everything they do. They joke around and have their laughs, but they also know how to laugh at themselves – a lesson many of us could stand to learn. They hunt and fish, but are not wasteful of what they shoot or catch – well…except for maybe the Beaver – their only known nemesis- and I think they use C4 on them!

 BAD – I am thinking that the word ‘bad’ best describes the Beaver nemesis that plagues the whole family, but at the same time it also describes most of the ideas they come up with since they almost always entail stopping the production of duck calls at any given opportunity when the newest scheme passes someone’s lips (usually it’s Jase) and makes its vocal debut.

 Human Resource Manuals and Policies and Procedures get written in other companies just by watching the mass exits from the ‘Duck Call Room’ for one hare-brained idea right after another and the antics that go on in the warehouse.  Maybe that is what being in a repetitive job does for you – gives you the attention span of a gnat…or is it  just Si that it affected?

UGLY – There is only an ‘ugly’ part if you are not a connoisseur of cleaning what you kill or catch – (or even looking at it until it shows up on your dinner plate – hopefully without the head but there is no guarantee of that) this part can go South in a heartbeat…especially if you are one of the five littlest granddaughters that “Papaw” (Phil) believes need to see him skin fish and squirrels and frogs (or, if you are Jase and pontificating.)

          “Hey parents, maybe you should skin more animals around the house so your kids won’t be so trauma-tized.” ~~Jase Robertson

You can’t say anything the brothers or Uncle Si do is mean spirited – it is just some good ole boys having some fun, and sometimes their ideas are good (Redneck Water Park) and sometimes they go horribly wrong (most of the other shows), but for the lion’s share of episodes, their heart is in the right place. 

 Uncle Si (who is a bat chit crazy ninja wannabe) says he knows the boys better than anyone, (or at least maybe his gummy bears just told him he does); because he goes on to say… “HEY… I’ve been with them everyday…except for the 24 ½ years I spent in the military”.

 Can’t you just hear Jeff Foxworthy now?   HEY SI – here’s your sign!

 All in all, there are a lot of comedy shows on TV, but none worthy of the belly laughs this show will produce (at least not on purpose anyhow), none with as much ad lib or unscripted dialogue, and none so wholesome and clean as this one.

 This one even beats the Big Bang Theory (A ‘scientific’ Seinfeld) which I adore – but you’re talking a scripted show there – and although I believe there are certainly suggestions made by the producers on Duck Dynasty as there are on most of the reality shows, there is no way I believe these men sit down and memorize lines for each show.

 As much as Uncle Si is known for carrying a Tupperware plastic glass and a gallon of tea with him everywhere he goes, he is also known for messing up every good analogy and any great quote from someone else…see for yourself!

 ” HEY…These boys packed so much stuff, Hey, they could survive a zombie, nuclear, a-poca-liss”- Si Robertson

“I sting like a butterfly and punch like a flea” …Uncle Si ~ Si Robertson

Whether you’re talkin’ about bees, dogs, or women, pain can come up on you QUICKLY … – Si Robertson

“I am the MacGyver of cooking. If you bring me a piece of bread, cabbage, coconut, mustard greens, pig’s feet, pine cones…and a woodpecker, I’ll make you a good chicken pot pie.” ~ Si Robertson

Jep, who is the youngest, is more of a granola-tree-hugger type (just dressed in camo), and is often referred to by his siblings as their younger sister. You can easily tell his parents catered to him more than the rest of the boys growing up, he may appear a bit ‘softer’ and not quite as rough around the edges, but a manly-man he is, none the less. And a lover of practical jokes. (Taking the Wives Hunting was a perfect example of that.)

 Willie, the CEO of ‘Duck Commander’ loves his business degree which has served the family well as he turned an $8,000 a year profit from year one into the Duck Commander Dynasty the business is today. The Robertson clan is rumored to be worth about $83 million at this point-in-time. (Most of all, Willie just likes being the boss and telling the rest of them what to do!)

 Phil, who by choice, gave up a promising football career before it even started with the Washington Redskins in favor of some acres of land along the River in West Monroe, Louisiana, and more importantly – Duck hunting!.

 Little known fact!

All of the Robertson men went to college, except Si who was in the armed forces for almost 25 years.

 Favorite saying by Jep:

“If a girl ever pulls a knife on you during an argument, pull out some bread and mayo. Her woman instincts will kick in and she’ll make you a sandwich.”

 Favorite saying by Phil:

“You don’t want to marry a yuppie girl – they live in a subdivision.”

 Favorite saying by Willie:

“Nothing makes a father happier than seeing his daughter with a smile on her face and her boyfriend with fear in his eyes”.

 Favorite saying by Jase:

“You can talk any redneck into a challenge. That’s why so many rednecks die in strange ways.”

 Want to see how these guys met their wives?

Go Here

 This won’t be the only blog on Duck Dynasty – after all, we must have one someday on “Miss Kay” and the women behind the men!

phil and kay

Stay tuned…

Things Just Got Real…





Teresa Giudice, Joe Giudice plead guilty to fraud charges; both face prison, while he could be deported.

‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ duo admitted Tuesday to bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud and other charges following a 41-count indictment. While Teresa Giudice faces 27 months in prison, husband Joe Giudice could get 46 months and could likely be deported back to Italy, according to a judge.

Things just turned a little too real for Teresa and Joe Giudice., because here is what they were both saying when they were indicted…

“We pleaded not guilty for a reason,” Joe Giudice said. “Because we’re not guilty.”

“We’re good people. I don’t understand why this is happening to us,” Teresa said.

And when speaking with Andy Cohen, Teresa said the following:

“I can’t fall apart Andy, I mean my daughters — they mean the world to me. You go through things in life, I don’t know why, I mean I’m asking, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ Maybe it’s something my daughters could learn from.”

(Yes Teresa, they could learn how to NOT commit Federal Fraud and they could learn how to pay their taxes!)

She faces a possible sentence of up to 27 months in prison, while he could be jailed for up to 46 months. Teresa agreed to pay $200,000 to the government at the time of her sentencing.

Joe Giudice — who admitted avoiding income taxes on nearly $1 million between 2004 and 2008 — and his wife will also forfeit additional cash in an amount determined by the judge.

“Having now confessed their wrongdoing, the Giudices face the real cost of their criminal conduct,” said U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman.


After Italian citizen Joe Giudice finishes his time behind bars, he will face another hearing that will “likely result in … your being removed from the United States,” said Federal Judge Esther Salas in accepting the pleas.

The Towaco, N.J., couple, decked out more for a dinner party than a plea deal, arrived at the court hand in hand without speaking to reporters. (And is she SMILING?)

giudice Fed CourtMike Coppola/Getty Images


Salas set their sentencing date for July 8 — with the husband’s term followed by the wife’s sentencing. Their jail terms could be staggered to keep one parent at home with the kids while the other is behind bars, officials said.

The pair was scheduled to face trial on the charges beginning next month.

Even More…


Bad boy, bad girl whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do?
When they come for you? Bad boy bad girl whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Worst Cooks in America

SKYE avatar

First, let me just say that I love cooking shows and the competitive spirit of the various “contestant” shows on Food Network.  I tuned in to Worst Cooks in America and I found myself wondering if I tuned in to a new reality show coming direct to us from the local mental institution.    While groups of contestants will have the usual mix of a few misfits and nutty personalities, this has gone way beyond the call of duty in bringing to us an entire group of people whom we will never run out of reasons to laugh at, some with affection; others….not so much.

 We meet Benji.   After having worked for 40 years with the developmentally disabled, I automatically felt an affection for him and then realized that this is not the Special Olympics and his priority is getting to meet Anne Burrell and TOUCH HER HAIR.   We also meet Lance, also someone who was somewhat very familiar to me due to my many years on the job with the challenged.    Then there is Amber, who literally frightened me upon first glance.  Who looks like that?????!!!!!  Same for Danielle, not only tattooed, but has the most attractive nose piercings…NOT!  There are the extreme laugh out loud misfits and then they throw in a few people that appear like the rest of us only really bad cooks.

 That said, I was happily appalled at the cooking skills shown, in that I knew immediately THIS IS A FUNNY SHOW!    I brushed aside the nausea while watching them compete initially for the worst food and found myself torn between laughing and gagging while looking at the food.  

 QUESTION:   Is it really possible that grown men and women can possibly be so inept in the kitchen?????????????  Really?   I can understand not being a great cook, but REALLY?   Benji looked at the vegetable peeler as something from another planet, pondering just how it is used.  Is that possible?  Contestants look at whole fish as if they were aliens landing and overall these are the dumbest cooks on the planet if not the worst.  

 All that said about the misfits and absolutely ridiculous contestants and their antics and dumbability, I LOVE THIS SHOW.

 ANOTHER QUESTION: Why does Anne Burrell have Pink hair??????????   I would like to know who convinced her, if she needed convincing, that it would be an attractive look?     Do you think Bobby Flay will be next and get pink hair?    Now THAT would be worth watching.   You’d think that Anne Burrell would be worried more about the hairstyle rather than the color.   Message to Anne:  CHANGE YOUR HAIR; IT’S RIDICULOUS.

 Sadly, Benji was let go on the second episode but Anne was nice enough to let him finally touch her hair before he left.  That was a sad moment for me because he was the one that brought me back to fond memories of all my years with the mentally challenged and he was sweet if not the brightest bulb on the porch.   I was happy to see Lance go and he should have gone home after he ate from Anne’s fingers in the first show.   I was worried that he was going to bite her.   Bobby Flay’s reaction was priceless and I’m sure that reaction was shared with every viewer watching. Gone after the very first show was Muneerah, who made brown spaghetti.  From what we saw of her, it’s no loss to the culinary world.

I absolutely love the show and while embarrassed to say that out loud in some company, I will watch this to the very end.

All in all, the first two episodes had me in stitches and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys really really dumb cooks.  It’s a great boost to the ego for those of us cooks who aren’t really good cooks but at least know what most of the kitchen tools are for.

It’s Baaaaaaaaack….


GOOD NEWS – Survivor premiered and NO Redemption Island this season…at least so far anyhow…so when your flame is extinguished – you are out Hasta La BYE BYE baby – as it should be!

BAD NEWS – 3 tribes (which never works out). They are Brains, Beauty, and Brawn. Jeff Probst believes those are the three elements needed to win, so they set the tribes up this way. I almost agree inasmuch as yes, you need to be smart and have strength/endurance and a good “social game”, but you don’t need to be pretty! You can’t take a bath, you have no deodorant and by day 2 you are disheveled and stink so where does pretty fit in here?

GOOD NEWS – The Brainy people over think everything – it is like an engineer telling you how to build a watch when all you want to know is what freaking time it is. So book smarts isn’t something you need on Survivor because during the double episode, which tribe got hit with losses after TWO tribal councils? Yep…the BRAINS tribe is down 2 people now – and BOTH of them blindsided!

What are the occupations of the BRAINS tribe, well…this is what is WAS composed of:  President of the Miami Marlins (GONE), Pro Poker Player (GONE), an Attorney, an Accountant, (sounds like the beginning of a Guess who walked into a bar joke doesn’t it?), and an Economics Student, and finally…a Nuclear Engineer, J’Tia, (who directed building the shelter and the first time anyone sat down it all fell apart + who in a fit of rage poured almost the whole sack of rice for the tribe into the fire when no one was looking – +++ S-P-O-I-L-E-R…SHE WASN’T VOTED OUT EITHER TIME)!

1st Reward/Immunity challenge – involved a wagon, getting keys to unlock chests, load the chests on the wagon, get to the wall, get all of the chests THROUGH the openings in the wall including breaking down the wagon and getting those parts through, the people then have to climb OVER the wall structure, get on the other side, reassemble the wagon, once again load up the chests, and roll the wagon to the finish line, unload the chests which contain puzzle pieces and put a puzzle together. The first two tribes move on after getting rewards of flint, fishing gear, immunity, etc. BEAUTY won, BRAWN came in second, and BRAINS looked like a bunch of preschool kids who continually tried to fit a round peg into a square hole!

2nd Reward/Immunity challenge – This one has the teams swim out to a bamboo cage, jump over and into the cage, open the gate door, bring four fish traps back to shore, and then one tribe member uses the pieces inside to solve a puzzle.

J’Tia is the slowest swimmer by far, but that’s okay, she can show her worth during the puzzle portion. (Rut Ro…bad call on my part). Despite J’Tia’s lack of prowess in the water, the Brains tribe gets a huge lead going into the puzzle. The Brawn tribe is well behind and the Beauty tribe is not even in the picture. There is only one problem…J’Tia is on the puzzle!

The Brawn tribe makes a startling comeback, getting all eight pieces in before J’Tia can even get her second one in. Then the Beauty tribe now beats the Brains as well. A contest that appeared to not even be close does not end close, but it is the Brains on the bottom, with J’Tia only getting two pieces in by the time Beauty comes in second place.

Back at the Brains beach now, we get to watch the seemingly inevitable goodbye to J’Tia…well, that would have been the logical and strategic choice anyhow, but that certainly is not what is happening.  Garrett, in his (no doubt) infinite wisdom has a brain fart about how you select the person you are going to be voting out and HE holds an open forum while all of the tribe is there and tells J’Tia she is going home…WHAT?????

Can it get any worse? Well, thanks for asking, yes it can. Now Garrett forbids any and all strategic talk after that by members of his tribe! Even Spencer is shocked by the stupidity, calling Garrett “a first class grade ‘A’ moron.”

YOU JUST BROKE THE CARDINAL RULE OF ALLIANCES AND BLINDSIDES! Personally I believe Moron is being too soft on him, whether it is a Grade A or not, but I won’t quibble just yet!

So they all get to Tribal Council for the 2nd time and Garrett simply tilted his head and every marble he had collected so far in life fell out and he was reduced to the babbling status of someone on a 5150 hold.

OMG…I am not sure how anyone can prove so quickly that J’Tia who couldn’t build a shelter, couldn’t do a puzzle, and threw over 90% of their allotted food (rice) into the fire on an angry impulse, would be the one to KEEP instead of send home…but Garrett managed somehow to do just that and he was sent home, and J’Tia lives another day, apparently to take her stupid to the next level next week. Sigh…

I will say though that this was an excellent first double episode…once again proving you don’t need Redemption Island, and you don’t need returning players to bring the Drama…I am actually looking forward to next week’s show!  Oh…Hmmm…did I say that out loud or was I just thinking it?

Here are the tribes

beauty tribe

brawn tribe

Brains tribe

Stay tuned…

Just my 2 cents…


Hey guys and gals…

Tomorrow we have a new blogger who will be joining us …a real lofty-in-the-clouds kind of blogger who will be heads and shoulders above me and smelly cat in bringing you a few laughs, and will probably look down at us from on high if we don’t step up our blogging game(s) around here.

SKYE will, at a minimum be keeping you up-to-date on DWTS and some of the Food Network Shows, starting with the competition between Bobbly Flay and Anne Burrell called “Worst Cooks in America”. I snuck a look at the first article and y’all are in for a treat.

I’m back, Skye is getting ready to start, now where is that Smelly cat of old? If ole Sophie doesn’t show up soon I am going to have to get my paintball gun out again!



AMAZING RACE – Premiered Sunday Feb 23rd

 Another show which brings couple/partners/SOs/friends/whatever back more than one time to win the $$$ million $$$ dollar $$$ prize. (Survivor, Big Brother, and Amazing Race are all three known for doing this now!)

Anyhow, the premier went off almost without a hitch, and there is a much funnier blog out there than I could ever write about this tired reality presentation, so I am going to defer my wit to those who can still write fresh material about this show!

I am terribly happy the “Twinnies” are gone.

 GO HERE NOW – you will not regret it

SURVIVOR ALERT – Wednesday February 26, 2014

NEWBLOGAVATARsmSurvivor Cagayan  ~ Brains, Beauty, and Brawn compete in Season 28.

Survivor is an incredibly successful Reality Show. Tomorrow begins the 28th season. Considering it is on 2 x year, that is still 14 years, but what has happened to the show over those years?

The first show aired in 2000 and touted : “A reality show where a group of contestants are stranded in a remote location with little more than the clothes on their back. The lone survivor of this contest takes home a million dollars.”

Survivor has morphed from the first show (which was excellent and set the bar for Reality TV) into a cauldron of let’s keep bringing back the same people 2 and 3 times because they didn’t win the first time. This gives the ‘oldies’ an unfair advantage over the ‘newbies’ because they know up close and personal how the game is played which is totally different from watching it on TV…matter of fact…they had to bring Boston Rob back 3 times before he finally won (seasons 4, 8, and 22)! They brought back Tyson 3 times before he finally won (seasons 18 and 20 and 23)! They brought back John Cochran (touted as the biggest Survivor FAN ever) twice before he won (seasons 23 and 26)! Not to mention bringing back Sandra twice so she could WIN TWICE (seasons 7 and 20)!

Now, let’s give them comfort rewards of pillows, blankets and fishing gear and tarps and flint to start a fire so that now they might as well hold it at Laguna Beach in California and just rope off an area that the public can’t use.

Let’s fly in Pizza and give them steaks and burgers and chocolate and peanut butter and wine and beer and soft drinks in several episodes and then make them swallow live larva in the next.

If good people get ousted too early in the game, then let’s change the game. Let’s implement Redemption Island and give them a couple of chances over the 39 days of filming to rejoin the game after their tribes have voted them off the island and give them another 2 shots at winning the million dollars.

You can’t tell me that there aren’t 36 NEW people a year that want to be on this show…and like I said, the first show was excellent – drop 16 (I think they do 18 now) people who didn’t know each other and a sack of rice on a deserted island for 39 days and let the strongest person Outwit, Outplay and Outlast the 17 other people by whatever means necessary to claim the title of Sole Survivor. That was the original show – let’s get it back and make it real!

Do you wonder if I still watch the show? Sometimes live, and sometimes taped so I can skim past all the bickering and stupid puzzle challenges. Almost every challenge at least ends with a puzzle these days…very few are strictly endurance and strength or trivia…and the drumbeat goes on…


TV Reality Shows ~ Unscripted


A few UNSCRIPTED Reality Shows:

  • Survivor
  • Duck Dynasty
  • Amazing Race
  • Big Brother
  • All Cooking Competition Shows
  • Vanderpump Rules
  • American Idol
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • All the Real Housewives Shows
  • All the House Hunters/Property Shows

 I agree with Survivor – it was one of the first and is surely the longest running, and truly is a reality show.

 As far as the rest go…whatever floats your boat…guess we need to decide what critical elements make up a great reality show.

  • DRAMA has to be the first component
  • CONFLICT has to be near the top of the list as well
  • CHALLENGING to make it interesting
  • REWARDS and INCENTIVES or everyone would give up when the going got tough (NeNe Leakes comes to mind walking off Celebrity Apprentice)

Now, what elements should NOT be a part of a Reality Show?

  • Sex, Lies, and Videotapes
  • Mean and abusive confrontation
  • Scripted Scenes (no reality there)
  • Anything Illegal
  • All of the above?
  • None of the above?

What about judging Do’s and Don’ts?

  • Don’t – Condescending and Demeaning Critiques.  You are kicking them off the show, so don’t kick them when they are already down – that is bullying.
  • Do – Honesty – But be nicer when you tell them their cooking sucks, also find a positive note to let them leave on! AND…I don’t mean I’m positive your cooking sucks!
  • Don’t – Sour Grapes. Jury members of Survivor and Evicted Houseguests from Big Brother being mean at the Finale show are only showing bad manners and a huge case of sour grape-itis. Shut your pie hole – the person you are talking to beat you – sit down and shut up. Didn’t “yo mama” teach you if you have nothing nice to say to not say anything at all? Hmmm? Mama was RIGHT.
  • Do – Use Objectivity.  Would you do and say the same things if you were NOT being filmed on a reality show? (This just countered 99.9% of the BS on all the Housewives Shows.)
  • Don’t – Public Embarrassment. Let’s see you get out there and dance, get out there and sing, get out there and cook, get out there and survive the jungles with the same amount of inexperience and nerves – I would PAY to see that.
  • Do – BE FAIR – Remove the personalization before you pick the winner. Determine who was teachable and improved and who didn’t…who got to the end through surviving hard knocks…who is more deserving because of their actions and most of all by staying the course?

What is missing from most reality shows?

HUMOR…good old fashioned belly laughs…just like the kind we will discuss next time when we talk about the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty…a true reality show without the judges, and eliminations, and getting kicked off the island(well except for Phil…briefly…)…no hidden idols, challenges, no dancing competitions, no voice solos, no scaling buildings or perching on a post for 3 hours to win a competition…no housewife dropping the “F-bomb” every other word and no Donald Trump telling you YOU’RE FIRED! (Hey Donald… REALLY bad comb over!)

Stay tuned…

After a 3+ year Hiatus…



I know, it freaks ME out too

But the possibilities for blogging are ENDLESS!